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Mohamed h. Kanoun ; Full-time charted accountant & auditor

 Born in 17/11/1941, in Tripoli

Holder of a bachelor degree in accountants from the faculty of economics and commerce of Benghazi 

 Member of the board of Libyan accountants and auditors association.

Since the second formation of the association board in 1977, until the date of the merger of the association with other professions in 1990.

 36 years experience in the auditing profession.

Stated  practicing  the profession  in 1986 , where he audited the accounts of different  companies and firms working in all types of economic and social  fields, in addition  to performing leading  in financial  departments  of  oil companies until  he devoted his full time to the profession in 1974.

 24 years experience in the field of setting up management and financial systems and computer systems. Where he had sat up systems for many companies.

 28 years experience in the field of tax accounting and the applications of tax laws.

 Article 35 of the Libyan accountants and auditors association ,states accounts auditors shall attend and negotiate on behalf of the financers before tax departments and all reconciliation and tax disputes committees that.

 Member of the principles and standards accounting and auditing committee of the great Jamahiriya , which was formed  by virtue of the resolution of the secretary of the general people's  committee of the board of people's  control no . 15 & 103of 2001.

 General Commissioner of Tripoli chamber.

Secretary of the management committee of the general association of chamber of commerce and industry.  





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